Historical places

If you love historical places, Antalya city must be one of the most amazing places to visit. Even though it may not be one of great interest anyway. For one cannot help but be gripped by the wings of history, as you wander around the city and see the incredible amount of relics, that have been generously sprinkled throughout the city.

And it’s not just in the city, that there are millennials of the past. Very few places in the world, you can experience such magnificent buildings and historical sites, with as much importance to history and development as here. And in such a relatively short radius from the city center .

Did you know, that one of the world’s most important museums in Roman archeology is located right here in Antalya?

It’s hard not to be impressed! Especially when you are in the remains of a huge old town built on a mountain top. Or along the most paradisiacal stretch of coast. It is also difficult to fully understand the size of the cities. Or how difficult it must have been to build all these masterpieces at that time.

I dig in a part of the story to find archaeological pages and articles about the different sites, so that you can also easily have an idea of ​​the significance of the place.