Old antalya
Todays big Kebab street / main street in Antalya

Such a windy and rainy day as yesterday here in Denmark, I would normally sit and work with some recipe. Maybe even a Turkish dessert recipe, which I have just begun to look at. But I miss the warmth and mood of Antalya, so what was more natural, than looking in some of all the old pictures I have from Antalya. Or perhaps more correctly – old pictures from old Antalya.

Old Antalya
Old pictures from the harbour

Now it’s not like I have pictures, that are a hundred years or more. After all, the city has a long and very interesting history that stretches back thousands of years, so it could have been fun with very old pictures. Or at least as old as they may be now, since photography was invented in the 1820s. But here Antalya was too unattractive with all the power centered in Constantinobel / Istanbul.

Iskele street, Kaleici 1973

The pictures are not really my own either. That is, I did not find them myself in the family album. These are pictures I have collected over several years, from various groups about Antalya in the old days. So, in a way, it’s a bit of a cheat. Therefore, in some places you will also be able to see names written at the bottom of the image, where the photographer or the proprietor is known.

Old antalya
Atatürk caddesi

Preserving old Antalya:

As with much else history from older days (not ancient history), attention has not always been paid to preserving the information for posterity. So much has been lost. Also places, names, etc. in the pictures. I’m sorry. Because it might well have been fun to nerd with.

Antalya Harbour 1932

But the pictures are for public viewing and they are really interesting to look at. See how much the city has developed since then, how big it has grown, but that a lot of roads and houses still stand exactly the same place as 80 years ago. And some places are more or less easy to recognize. Maybe you have spotted a few places, that I do not know?

The old clock tower

A lot of the pictures are from 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and of course more from the “younger” they get. From 1960-80 there are a lot of pictures, while I have only fallen over a few pictures from the 1910’s.

Old antalya
Old Antalya town house fra 1914

My family has some pictures from the 1980’s and 90’s and even there, you can see a huge development of the city – even now.

The mood in the old pictures:

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article here on the page about the city’s recent history and developments over the past few years. Maybe you remember it? The article was very popular at least and I received many comments and messages regarding the old pictures. If you like, you can see the article here.

What I find really funny is seeing and feeling the mood in the pictures. The buzzing in the streets, having fun with the family and seeing and recognizing some of the old streets and buildings.. Do you feel that way too ??

From the 1920’s

At least I hope you enjoy the pictures here. If you have the time, feel free to leave a comment or write to me if you recognize some of the sites. Also if you have contemporary pictures of the old motifs, then you can really sense the development. Or better yet – if you – lucky you – have real old photographs of Antalya city. It could be exciting to see… ..

Good day to you 🙂

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