This and that

Here you can find articles about different things, this and that about Antalya. It could be, for example, articles about the weather, about the special hospitality of the Turks, about the culture, the special old Ottoman houses, old pictures from Antalya, what the fez has meant, why it is so important to the country or something quite fourth. Such a little different, fun, weird stuff and topics.

It is often articles, that are a little easier or provide good advice for one or the other. Maybe something that can inspire you to visit the country at different times of the year. Maybe visit other areas, villages etc., than what you might be used to. For example, there are also several articles on road trips and good advice on what to keep in mind.

Here, I also write about exciting business, that I might just fall over or be surprised to encounter, whether it is design, antiques, etc.

Once in a while I’ve been lucky either to guest blog myself or have other guest bloggers writing here on the blog. Many of them live in Turkey, which I do not do. So there are often different angles and views than my own.

So all in all, you’ll find a little bit and this and that about Antalya here;)