Where to stay

Here on the site you can find my advice on places where to stay while in Antalya. There are both hotel and private accommodation suggestions through Airbnb and various rental sites.

Antalya has so many places to offer and the quality varies incredible much. So you have to be careful and look around, see recommandations etc.

You will find many of Turkeys finest and biggest vacation – hotels here in Antalya.

The hotels I recommend, are all hotels that I have been to, or heard good about and can recommend. They have distinguished themselves in some way. All have been really good with eg nice rooms, good food, good pool and beach and a good location.

Airbnb and the rental sites can also offer many great places to stay while on vacation. I haven’t tried them, but just selected some, that looked really nice.

But find the places that suit you the best and the type of holiday you are going on and with those you travel with. This is always the best way to start and to finf out where to stay.