Club Arma restaurant

Sponsored post: You (hopefully) often have a pleasent experience, when you’re are dining out. But it’s not often, that it is as pleasent on so many levels, as I experienced at Arma Restaurant right next to the marina in Kaleici.

Club Arma restaurant is a rather unique place – both in terms of location, buildings, service and menu. I’ve known about the place for years and even my husband says, it was a really popular place, when he was a kid. And in Antalya this means something. Because there are so many places to go, but only very few lasts for many years.

club Arma Restaurant

I had never been to Club Arma, before I contacted them last spring in connection with a trip down there. I asked, if they might want to join in an article and tell me a little about the place. Fortunately, they would and the head-waiter Mustafa Kilinckaya took the time to come and sit down at our table and tell about the place, their history and mission. It turned into a really nice afternoon with good weather, phenomenal food, interesting company and talk about everything from Antalya to politics and tourism.

I knew it was a pretty iconic place for Antalya, and that there was a lot of history behind the restaurant. But I had never imagined, that the buildings were so old or that the food, wine and surroundings were as exquisite as they were.

Location, Location, Location:

In fact, you can’t even avoid looking up at Club Arma restaurant, when you go for a walk on the harbor in Kaleici – down in the old town. The restaurant thrives on a small cliff, slightly raised above the marina, but beneath the city’s noise and cars.

So it sits quite peaceful there in it’s lonely majesty. In the beginning, when we went to Antalya, there was a nightclub on the site, Club29. There was noise and ultra loud music, laser lights etc. Something that I did not like at all, nor suited the place and the graceful surroundings. So I was secretly a little irritable about it all. “Fortunately,” the club closed in 2010 due to noise.

But now the true value apparently has been appreciated. The building is completely renovated, the menu is trimmed and the service is top notch.

Back in 1988, it was the first restaurant in Antalya, that had a terrace and outdoor dining. And it would be a shame not to have the opportunity to sit out. It has absolutely one of the city’s (if not the entire city’s) best views from the large outdoor terrace. Across the Mediterranean and Antalya Bay, to the mountains in the distance and the cliffs that form the city. And not least an astonishing view over the adorable old Roman harbor, buzzing with life all year round.

Stylish and tasteful:

Everything is decorated tastefully and with understated style and respect for the old buildings. Now it’s no secret that I love buildings. So you can imagine, that it was something of a surprise, when I entered the restaurant for the first time and saw, that there were several giant original large arches built in local stones dominating the room.

Arma Restaurant

The original place was built around 1880 by Italians. It served as a gas center for the city and the hinterland. Subsequently, the building was used for storing flour with its own flour mill. Unfortunately, it burned and stood empty for several years. It was not until 1980, before it was completely renovated and since then, used as a nightclub and restaurant.

And they do it well, one have to say. Really well. Rarely have I had such good food in town. So it was completely pleasure topped with pleasure.

I’m really pretty easy. Because if there is seafood on the menu, I am already very excited – luckily my friend has it just like that. And fish and shellfish are the specialties in this restaurant. You can of course also get a lot more, but “everything from the sea” is in the forefront and something they excel in.

A “go to” place:

Club Arma Restaurant is also a favorite amongst the rich and famous, politicians, athletes, high sociaty from Istanbul, etc. – and among us others more deadly people. And it is easily to understand why. Especially when you already at the door see the fine display of fresh fish, lobsters, giant prawns and the like. We were both very impressed.

While we chose from the menu, we started with delicious bread, olives and water. It was a hot day and we had chosen to sit right in the sun, so it was quite welcome. Then we got a nice selection of meze – including the fantastic “Deniz börülcesi“, which I absolutely love most of all. It is a kind of seaweed, but is often called “salt herb” or “sea beans”.

Then we got these really beautiful grilled giant prawns, which I like to order anywhere. Here they were just really good. For dessert, we ended up sharing a dark chocolate cake with chestnut, white chocolate, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. We were stuffed but couldn’t resist it. And of course a good, fresh, delicious local white wine for everything. Love it…

Weddings and Big Events:

Besides being a versatile restaurant open all year round – both on the terrace or around the fireplace in the living room, Club Arma restaurant is also famous for their large events.

There is also a lot of space to take – and in several levels. On the terrace there is room for 150 guests and 100 inside. In addition, on the other terraces there is room for about 400 seated guests (or 1500 standing) – all with the best view and cozy intimate atmosphere. A great place for weddings and other events – and enough to make me dream big time….

Funny enough, the restaurant is also a popular venue for proposals – and they also manage to do something about it. Rose petals, delicious food, sweets and cakes and a “Will you marry me” written by laser on the rocks opposite the restaurant. Can you resist that?

But whether you are about to get married, want to celebrate a bigger party during warmer climates or just come to enjoy a cozy evening or lunch with exquisite food, phenomenal views and cozy atmosphere, then I really recommend you to visit Club Arma Restaurant and get one of the holiday’s best experiences. Although it is not in the cheap end, it is still far from expensive. And the experience outweighs everything in my opinion.

If you want to find them, you can do it here.

If you are wondering then YES, this post is sponsored by Club Arma Restaurant. But it’s on my own initiative, that I contacted them and asked, if they wanted to join. Fortunately, they had – and what an experience. I sincerely hope others would like to visit and experience this restaurant. For it has really been an experience to visit the place here – both in terms of food and all other aspects.