yat-limani-1Autumn in Antalya is simply wonderful !! Mild, warm and sunny and just what you need, when autumn, cold winds and rainy days approaches at home. That is precisely why you should consider taking a trip to Antalya in September/October/November – in the autumn holiday or a long weekend with your husband or wife, trip with friends or whatever suits you ??

You don’t need any excuses, when there is bright sunshine and 25 degrees most of the time. The weather gives you a lot of opportunities to swim and enjoying life outdoors, but if a shower should appear, there are plenty of museums, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes to spend your time at. Although I have been down there for 14 days this summer, the desire is still there for a small, quick getaway in the autumn holiday. Just so you can suck up the last sun and recharge for the winter and use the time to enjoy and relax …

Is it expensive in Antalya?

We were there in autumn 2014 and it was truly the most wonderful experience. All week it was sunshine and 28 degrees, only 2 small showers , so we could bathe 4 out of 7 days at 27 degrees hot water. Thinking of the weather at home in the middle of October, when the leaves fall from the trees and it is usually cold and windy, made it a bit more joyful. The air was just right, not too hot, so we also had the desire to move around and experience the city and nature (in the summer this can sometimes get too hot). Do I need to say that both children and adults enjoyed it to the fullest?konyalti-beach-2

Actually I always wondered, why so few people chose to spend their holiday in Antalya. It seems as if Alanya and Side is always the first choice. Why not try something new, if you like Turkey and has been in Alanya the last 5 times? Antalya is a lovely city, huge (with over 1 million. Inhabitants), but despite this there is still a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere that oozes away of cozy metropolis. Are you the least bit like me, then you may perceive it as a bonus, that there aren’t that many Scandinavian tourists. You actually have the feeling, that you’re on holiday abroad, unlike in many of the other popular Turkish seaside resorts as Alanya, Bodrum and Marmaris, which teems with Scandinavian tourists and even menu cards is in Danish German, Swedish, Norwegian etc.

Where to stay in Antalya?

We have several times stayed at one of the small beautiful, unique boutique hotels inside the old city center Kaleici. There are the finest small, typically old Ottoman stone houses, that are renewed and restored to perfection. They are actually quite cozy as they ooze away by the atmosphere and history. Some of the houses are elegant and very stylish, others more traditional and full of antiques and beautiful details. Most of the hotels have a nice little courtyard filled with orange, pomegranate and olive trees, and perhaps a small pool, where you can sit around and socialize with a cup of tea and a good book. It’s a bit like if you live privately through Airbnb. Hotels in Kaleici are so small and cozy, with limited bed capacity so they give the impression of being at a private host (many of the small hotels are family-owned). Best of all the hotels are situated inside the small picturesque, central streets, where cars aren’t allowed to drive. So the streets are filled with life and atmosphere and plenty of charm. It is extremely cheap to stay and eat in Antalya – about 40-70 Eur per. night for a good small hotel in the inner city. I won’t be giving advises for flights, as I’m not in to others than the danish marked.villa-perla-antalya-4

Where to eat in Antalya?

Most hotels have their own restaurant (part of them with gourmet food), but it’s easy just to find a durum or something else to eat outside on one of the many small restaurants. Cafes offer many different things, it can be kebab in all its forms, delicious Turkish köfte-meatballs, various soups, salads, fruits and desserts in all kinds and shapes. In Turkey, you always end your dinner with a cup of strong tea for better digesting the food. Most tourists prefer the sweet apple tea, something a native would never drink, but the popular tea tastes quite terrific. The Turkish food is something most have become acquainted with and tastes absolutely fantastic. The dishes are full of flavor and vary indefinitely from region to region and is neither too strong or too spicy. During the last years, many international cuisines gained ground in the city, so now it is possible to have both sushi, Chinese, Italian, French, etc. in the city. We even discovered a really good steak house, that serves everything you would expect along with a good steak.antalya-tea

What to do in Antalya?

In Antalya, there is plenty to do, so you will not get bored. The local Archaeological Museum is a nice place and shows the latest from many of the major excavations in areas outside the city (the museum also has one of the finest collections of Roman and Greek sculptures in the world), there is the sweet Urban and Toy museum, the large fine newly built Aquarium with one of the world’s longest shark tunnels and of course the many large shoppingmalls scattered throughout the city. Or how about taking a little trip out of town and take a closer look at the ancient theater of Aspendos, at some of the many beautiful waterfalls in and outside the city or take a trip to the burning mountain Olympos, where flames is coming from deep down in the abyss. Or simply just take a boat trip from the harbour and out of the city. The possibilities are many and can easily be examined and planned from home.Or maybe you just want to stroll around the streets or take a trip on the small beach Mermerli in the city or one of the bigger beaches such as Konyaalti at the outskirts of town.Konyaalti view

So maybe it’s Antalya, you should try for your next autumn holiday or long weekend abroad? It can certainly only be recommended ….