phaselis strand og bjerg

Maybe you’re a bit tired of the usual beaches with bunch of people, loud music, plastic chairs, sunscreens, creaming kids (or parents) og maybe some other reason I don’t know. These were our reasons and why we tried to discover other beaches, pools and nice places to swim ….

Phaselis 1. strand

But somehow we always come back to the beaches of Phaselis – our absolute favorite place when it comes to relaxing, having a day off, taking a swim in clear blue water, enjoying nature and maybe even enjoying a real picnic – Turkish style with Meze , bread, olives and cheese. If you’re having a picnic then remember a carpet (and plastic bags for your garbage). There will be lots of needles from the trees, stones and maybe even ants.



I’m told that the water around Phaselis is some of the warmest in Turkey. Surely it’s some of the nicest with it’s clear sight and small fish and octopuses. Often in the summer, we have experienced 32º C in the sea. So even when our children were small, they could sit at the beach shore for hours without being cold. As they got older they also wanted to explore the ruins of the old town, that we’re destroyed by Pirates in the 3rd century AD . And it’s still a fascinating place.


Phaselis has three harbours and  beaches – impossible to choose one over another. All have their own charm. but the first obe in these pictures are the most tranquil one.

You can find Phaselis if you drive 16 km south of the town Kemer or 57 km from Antalya City at the Antalya-Kumluca highway. It’s a nice trip if you rent a car and maybe add stops on your way to enjoy the nature or the town of Kemer or maybe you can get on one of those sightseeing buses going to the area.

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