new year antalyaI’ll bet, that most people these days thinks “has a whole year already gone by” ?? And yes, it undeniable has (but as always it passed quickly). Atleast I think, that it has gone by very quickly. To think that it’s nearly a year, since I started this blog, with no skills but with a lot of ideas.

Ok, if you have followed the blog faithfully from the beginning,  then you have perhaps already lurking, that I just lied a little. The blog did not start right in January 2016 – I had just 1½ months last summer (2015), where I wrote a few articles and formally started the blog up. I went completely dead in it. Almost no readers, 700 billion ideas, that just had to be organized and zero experience in blogging from WordPress (which is the system that my blog is based on). So I took a break. I am an impatient soul, no doubt about it. “Unfortunately,” I am also equipped with a “popcorn brain”, that always and constantly produce too many ideas. And the two things in combination can sometimes be dangerous ( andsometimes really good). Things simply went too slow.

(Do you know, how many pictures of zombie-brains, that come up, when you seek on "popcorn-brain"?)
(Do you know, how many pictures of zombie-brains, that come up, when you seek on “popcorn-brain”?)

And now one year has yet gone by. With a lot of articles, planning and research. It will never be as one expects, but in all, I am quite satisfied anyway. I have been lucky enough to run into several immensely sweet bloggers, who helped me with one thing or another (hurray for Facebook and the many geeky groups). Rather good when you have to learn everything from photography to search optimization, management of the system, marketing, writing style, and layout of the blog. But I have especially cooperation a bit with the two Alanya bloggers Sanne from DanskiTyrkiet and Tea from, whom I’ve been lucky enough to write guest posts for. Super fun, when we write a little about (almost) the same area in Turkey and we all are Danish.skrive

A third blogger also really helped me get going, and it’s super sweet Kirsten Skaarup, who has the blog of the same name (formerly “meat-free Friday”). I wrote to her – maybe a little naive, to hear about several different things, and she was so sweet to write back and help me a bit from time to time – and even post some of my (vegetarian) recipes. And then I discovered, that she was a HUGE blogger and has made several cookbooks – haha, yes, there I was a little embarrassed with red ears, but it was okay. I can only recommend her blog, which offers a lot of interesting vegetarian dishes and also many oriental dishes (and the wildest pictures !!!). Yep, that we like.piyaz bønnesalat 2

I can see that it is very popular with my partners in crime bloggers, to come up with a sort of update of the past year. Super cool idea. But I will not do so – instead encourage you to explore my blog. You will find a lot of good articles about eg. How you can find cheap flights to Antalya, the beaches in and around Antalya, the old historic buildings and especially all the good Turkish food recipes, that have been so popular during the year. Especially the recipe for köfte, stack completely from the other (I often wonder how many in Denmark, who have been making Turkish meatballs from my recipe. Judging by the number of clicks it is quite a lot).antalya from air

I was particularly proud of the articles about “Kid-friendly attractions in Antalya” and “ Must see in Antalya” also has been seen, liket and shared quite a few times. It is certainly articles, that I wanted to read, if I had small children and wanted to experience something exciting on my holidays abroad (even if I was accustomed to get there). “Bazaar in Antalya” is also one of the articles, that has been seen very much and it was really a joyful “trip down memory lane” to write it. bazaar salat

What will happen in the next year ?? Well … the time must show! But there is still much to be developed – both purely technical and writing too. For it appears, that the writing is the least of it all by having a blog. Everything else takes longer than writing (and when you also have a full time job to keep … .then you’ll never get bored). But more articles is for sure. Hopefully also spiced with little competitions and collaborations of various kinds. There are quite a few things in the pipeline. Especially one of the groups / categories of articles to be expanded and added, because there is so many, many things to do in Antalya.

Now all that remains is to say thank you for this year, thanks for your time the past year, and to wish you a very happy, wonderful and prosperous New Year. I hope we meet again, and that you still want to accompany me, and Love Antalya on the blog, Facebook or Instagram.nytaar-2