kaleici 3-marinaI could almost promise you that Mermerli Plaji – or marble beach as which it would be translated to, is one of the sweetest – and smallest beaches that you’ll ever visit. It’s simply so tiny and delicate as it lies tucked away for the ignorant, with room for only 50-70 people (And then it’s a bit crouded).

The beach is the only beach right in the Antalya city center, Kaleici, and is therefore very popular especially among tourists in the summer. There are not many original Turks who bother to bathe here (probably because of the entry fee of 15 TL). mermerli beach from restaurant

The only access to the beach is from the Mermerli restaurant. From there it is a bit of a descent to the beach itself, but you’ll manage. There are small soft stones on the beach, so if it is a problem for you, you have to take out to one of the larger beaches  as Lara or Konyaalti at the outer part of the city . The water depth is as always in Antalya – you can walk a few meters out, but then it goes dramatic down. You can not avoid going through or pay at the entrance of the restaurant, it costs 15 TL, but it’s quite okay for a parasol and a deckchair a hot day in the city. And oh joy, you have the chair and parasol all day and access to the servants who come with fresh food and cold drinks for you. That’s not so crazy right ?? A small exotic drink is a good treat at the end of the day. mermerli beach 3

When you’re getting tired of the beach life, you might consider whether you should eat early dinner up in the restaurant. I was there some years ago. The food was nothing special to write home about, but it was okay. But hey – it might have changed since. The waiters was certainly nice and service minded. I think you should give it a try. Take a look at the view and then imagine, how the sunset will be. I tell you, it is quite irresistible when the sun goes down behind the Taurus Mountains. mermerli-restoran3You can see reviews of the restaurants here.