Spring privilegeDo you know the feeling, when reality sometimes hits and you just stop, what you are doing, at sence the feeling of happiness?? I’ve had exact that feeling for the last few days. I have been so privileged, that I have had the opportunity to walk around in my own bubble for 4 days and basically do nothing. Just me alone, do what I wanted, go the way I wanted and just think of myself and no one else.

It is sometimes very much needed, when you are a busy family with a lot of things going on. Such is the case for most people – my family is no exception. So when my dear husband offered me to take a little vacation – have some time for myself, travel down to my father-in-law and being spoiled for a few days – then I just have to say yes and be gratefull.

So this was what I did. And it was on this journey, that I really came to think of, how privileged we are – having a family and a leg in each country. And that it could fit, so I had a chance to for a vacation. Primarily to relax, but also to get a lot of new experiences and input and get the opportunity to take some of all the pictures for the blog, that I have been sighing for the last couple of years.

And that was successful indeed. I think, I’ve taken over 1000 pictures on my 4 day trip !! It’s a bit (and yes, even my dreams I saw through a camera lens these days). Now the huge work is just awaiting editing and sorting the pictures. But there are material and ideas for many, many articles.

It has been some busy days with many tours, excursions and impressions. So so much for relaxing and shift gear (at least it was on my premises). But the days just flew off in the best way possible.

My trip has shifted really well between the sweet city life downtown in Kaleici, where I explored restaurants, hotels and fun small shops. I also went on one of the famous boat trips from the harbour – just because my husband was not there. He claimed, that I must have been the only person on board, but no – there were a lot of Turks and it was a BEAUTIFUL to see the city from the sea. A whole day of rainy weather put a stop to everything, but then you have to find something else instead. That’s the “charm” of traveling early in the season, where the weather is somewhat more unstable, than in the summer. But it is just phenomenal to travel in spring and experience it all germinate and bloom – unlike the summer, when there is burning hot and humid. Spring is just 1½ month further ahead from back home in Denmark – and it is much needed, when the batteries are to be recharged.

At my father-in-laws in the village, the time stands still. This morning I went for a long walk for myself – together with my camera, to take pictures and just see what happened. And again, it struck me how privileged I am, and how many experiences you can enjoy, if you just use your eyes and sences. I got the most beautiful pictures of a lot of everyday things, talked to nice people and even got a full freshly baked bread at the baker – right from the oven. And they laughed and laughed at such one like me standing there and dared to take pictures of their everyday lives. And I laughed too – of pure happiness.

And finally, the tour also consisted of a meeting with Tea from teatougaard.dk and Sanne from danskityrkiet.dk – both danish bloggers from Alanya, whom I had been persuaded to come to Antalya and to take a trip with me to Termessos (and a detour to the nearby Karain Cave). It was just fun and cozy meeting 2 people, who I have only “seen” and talked with through Facebook, and then just click and talk about a lot of different things. Of course we talked a lot about blogs and pictures, but also about ordinary everyday life. We got a lot of fun and took a lot of pictures. Hopefully, this will not be the last time we meet – I promised them to try and reach Alanya next time. Fortunately, I have 2 private guides to give me a tour 🙂