True Blue boutique hotel Kalkan

Sponsored Post: Last fall we had about 14 days in Antalya, where we alternated between staying with Grandpa and staying at hotel (2 actually). A huge luxury hotel in Antalya (Akra Barut). And a fantastic family hotel in Kalkan called True Blue Boutique Hotel Kalkan.

We rarely stay at hotels like this. So when we finally decide to go, a lot is being investigated in advance. For things just have to be allright and more or less as we want them to be.

But this is no easy task. Because there are so many hotels in Turkey, and all are nice and amazing in one way or another. Often I have searched for days and weeks, back and forth, to find exactly the hotel, that we would like to stay at.

True Blue Boutique Hotel kalkan

That is why it was all the more strange, that we almost at once fell over a very fantastic hotel in Kalkan, True Blue boutique hotel Kalkan. Everything just clicked with this hotel. The location (with the most beautiful view). The size (small enough so it was not overcrowded and “commercial”). And then with a lovely decor, that we could easily feel at home in as easy as nothing.

A family owned and operated hotel

We decided to rent an apartment, now that we are 4 people. 2 adults and 2 eventually rather large teenage children usually requires a little space. And if you want to enjoy your holiday together, an apartment is just the thing.

And we didn’t regret our choice for one second (only that we hadn’t prioritized staying at the hotel for a whole week). But… We’ll be back .. as you say 😉 That is for sure. And there are many good reasons for that.

During our stay, I caught up with the owner Tuba and the manager Selcuk (and the cute little hotel dog). They were both as sweet and welcoming as anyone.

True Blue boutique hotel Kalkan Tuba

They were both eminently good at English (better than the vast majority of Turks), so speaking with them was very easy.

The funny thing was, that although the hotel looks brand new, it is actually an old and reputable hotel. It turned out, that Tuba’s father had built the hotel some 30 years ago. But when Tuba took over the hotel 2 years ago, she decided it was time for a major modernization of the hotel. And with that also came a new name, that could mirror the new surroundings. True Blue Boutique Hotel Kalkan was born.

Tuba had previously worked in Germany for many years with building construction and it was easy to see at this fine hotel.

Slightly bigger than small

Although we had explored the hotel well beforehand, we were nevertheless surprised at how large it was. But in an incredibly cozy way. The hotel consisted of several buildings in a small area and with a pool and bar as the center. And that made the place really intimate and cozy.

True Blue pool

I was lucky enough to be able to see most of the rooms. And everything was characterized by being completely newly renovated and with modern, tasteful and stylish, almost Nordic design. Much was from Ikea, but somehow was still very Turkish (in a good way).

True blue hotel consists of 30 units of different styles and sizes. And there are cozy apartments for couples, for those with 1 child, those with 2 children and 4 bedroom villas for larger families. And as something quite fun, there were also apartments with a private small garden, where you had your own hammock and with space to have pets. A really, really fun opportunity and not something, I’ve ever encountered in Turkey before.

And ever so nice …

Although the area is not that big, it doesn’t feel that way. The pool area is a good size, so you have enough space around your sunbed. The outdoor lounge area, next to the restaurant, is SO cozy. But also very relaxed and cozy indoors with the small library, where you can easily borrow books and magazines in nearly all languages. And then there is a sweet little sofa area in front of the reception, where you can be lucky enough to have a visit from the charming little hotel dog, who is busy watching for food and people (and courting the ladies 😃).

True blue boutique hotel kalkan pool

Our apartment was about 60 m2 large and we had everything we needed. The kids loved having their own room right opposite ours and a bathroom with tub and garden views. The kitchen and living room were perfectly furnished. We used the private balcony a lot to play cards and sit and plan the next day’s tours. And not least to enjoy the view over the pool and the beautiful Kalamar bay.

True Blue kalkan decor

In fact, we were considering when we could spend a greater portion of a vacation here at some point. Because there is plenty to see in the area and the apartment just made it easy to be there as a family.

Apparently we are not the only ones, who can see the charm of the hotel. There are many regulars, who have been at the hotel for years. And as Tuba says, it helps to give the place personality, that you have a relationship with your guests and can see, that they come back again and again – also to celebrate big events. There are many regulars from especially Australia and New Zealand, Qatar, Mexico and South Africa, but of course also from all over Europe.

One can understand that it is called True Blue boutique hotel

The hotel lies on a very steep hill facing the water. And that means, that there is good sea views from quite a few of the rooms. The 2 penthouse apartments with a huge shared terrace, had a completely unobstructed view of the bay. And it so absolutely insanely stunning and beautiful. Everything you could dream of on your vacation. Especially when the sky, the water and the steep slopes on the opposite site got 1000 different shades of purple, as the sun set. Perfect for a pampering or honeymoon. Don’t you think so?

True Blue boutique hotel kalkan view sunset

So the name True Blue is no science. The azure sea is so close, that you can feel it everywhere. Something that is characteristic of the whole area.

If you go to Kalkan, you will find that 2-3 days is not enough at all. There’s so much to see and try, so we didn’t reach a fraction of what we wanted. Maybe also because we found out exactly how nice it was to stay by the small pool and enjoy the beautiful views, the sun and the heat in a hot October.

Steep hills right?

But you can easily have a whole vacation here. The area has endless of ruins – several on UNESCO’s list. And not least some of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, Patara and Olüdeniz, just within easy reach. (250 meters from the hotel there is also the opportunity to jump in the sea)

The city of Kalkan is teeming with delicious restaurants and small shops – but I’ll probably write about that at another time. If you drive back towards Kas, for example, there is the opportunity to get on the wildest dives and snorkeling trips by boat. And there are many trips to choose from.

But the best reason to come (back) to True Blue…

The undisputed best reason to come back to True Blue is … there is just so genuine nice. Cozy, homely and nice in a very personal way. The staff are so sweet and will do anything to help you. Right from arranging tours, cleaning up when it suits you, to take you to the kitchen and tell a little about the menu for the day. And everything is done with a huge smile and great mood.

But when I think of True Blue… Then I also think of the AMAZING food. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. But this breakfast … I have NEVER gotten anything so amazing anywhere. Never. And that’s even though, I’ve been to some of the biggest luxury hotels and most beautiful guesthouses in Turkey.

The breakfast alone here at True Blue is worth driving 3½ hours for. There is nothing that you can wish for, that is not there. They have really thought of EVERYTHING. And then it is really delicious, good quality, deliciously cooked, good local products, personal recipes and small special dishes etc, etc. It is rare for me to become speechless, but this … waauw I just say.

True Blue kalkan breakfast

One day, we were lucky enough to have lunch with the staff, as we simply couldn’t bear to move away from the pool (32 degrees in October was not expected, but ever so nice). We got a delicious salad, bulgur and a lovely lentil soup for only 25 lira for 2 adults !! And it tasted just as phenomenal as the breakfast, so compliments to the chef (a team of local ladies who know what they are doing).

One thing is certain…

…. we will definately come back to Kalkan and True Blue, and the sooner the better. There are many more things to explore and the food and place are simply impossible to get tired of. It’s simply the perfect starting point for a family vacation.

True blue kalkan

Our little mini-vacation and the whole stay here is something, we still talk about, here 8 months after. And this amazing place will not be forgotten…

So you get my warmest recommendations for a stay here.

If you want to read more about the drive on the coastal road from Antalya to Kalkan, you can take a look here.

If you’re wondering what “sponsored post” means, then it’s because True Blue has wanted to contribute here on the blog. But it is only at my request and inquire and is carefully selected. Because we would stay there no matter what.