There are plenty to see in and around Antalya of both old and new places, cable cars, sand sculptures, ruins, parks, etc. But now something unique has come. And it’s the first of its kind in Turkey – a submarine, that takes tourists out on tours around Kaleici harbour/ Antalya Marina. Nemo Primero is it called. The submarine has sailed for just over two years now and had a total of 18,000 passengers last year. Especially the Russians and the Germans were delighted with the trip, which offers exciting views under the water, fish, shipwrecks and even divers.


The submarine was purchased to have the opportunity to offer the tourists a different experience of and in Antalya. And you will certainly get that.

Shipwrecks and exciting stories:

Just outside the harbor, Saint Didier is laying. A sunken French World War II warship, which you can both dive to with bottles on your back, and now you can also visit with the submarine. It’s a really popular “destination” (and was one of the first of many stories, my husband Dennis told me many years ago, while sitting on the bench at the Dedeman hotel, overlooking the bay and the entrance of the harbor).


Maybe you are thinking like me – that ” a submarine trip – naaahh, that’s nothing for me – at all“. But maybe you should give it a try? There is room for 44 passengers and 2 pilots in the boat. All have their own seat and large windows of 80 cm, so there is a good view.

ubåd Antalya

The submarine is originally from the Finnish army, but has been restored in Spain for some years now. So it now appears to be tiptop in order and fully equipped for passengers.

Do you dare?

I have to admit, that I am extremely anxious about having to go under water in such a tin can (my version of it). So for once, the story here is not based on my own experience, but simply what I have been able to read and hear. Because I really have something with water, diving and small spaces. Soo…. a submarine trip is still only at the reflection stage (although my family could certainly be lured).

I have heard, that 20 minutes before departure, you have to participate in a briefing before the 1st dive, and that videos are available at least in Turkish and English. In the actual submarine, there is also a guide, who tells a little about the boat and what you see. And if the weather is up, it is possible to get a tour around the boat.

Practical details:

The water is not quite clear, but it is possible to see both fish and shipwreck in that hour, the trip approx. takes. The submarine gets about 1 km out in the ocean and dives to just over 40 meters. The submarine itself is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide and weighs 106 tons. It has an average speed of 3 knots (but only 2 under water). So it’s a slow lady. The boat is about 6 ½ meters high (but 180 cm inside, so most can stand up).


Everyone can participate. they only have to be minimum 90 cm tall and can go up and down the submarine by a ladder. Drinks and snacks can be bought in the boat and souvenirs in a small shop on the land. The whole glory costs about 290 TL, so it’s overcoming. You can catch the submarine at Antalya Marina in the center of the city (also called Kaleici harbour), where you are taken and put off at the same place.

Ubåd Antalya
From Hürriyet

So if you need one different experience, you might consider a trip under the water in Antalya – now with a submarine. I am certainly looking forward to hearing from you with a genuine first hand report, if you dare give it a try. You can find the official website right here – submarine Antalya.