In the spring I was ( once again) in Antalya on a quick little trip with a girlfriend. It’s just so nice to go there around April / May, because it’s usually hotter than home, right when you need it. You may be lucky to get 28-30 degrees for a few days and that’s rather good this time a year right? 

We had decided, that we should stay in town for a few days and then end the last 2 days at grandfathers at the foot of the mountains. 2 very different places, but the perfect mix for us on such a little trip.

There are simply so many hotels in Antalya (253 on Tripadvisor), so there is plenty to choose from. Of course, some are better than others and one should think about the location. Ex. are those down in Kaleici super nice and very authentic, but there is also some noise from the streets. And if you’re really unlucky, there’s a mosque right up, like when I stayed at the amazing Char me Boutique Hotel (but it does NOT disqualify the hotel because it has SO much to offer).

Sky Kamer Boutique Hotel:

So this time we chose an exciting hotel, that was just outside Kaleici, but close enough to go there in 2 minutes. Sky Kamer Boutique Hotel is reasonably new. I think it was built in 2016, so it looks nice and new and very modern. It’s a pretty small hotel with only 30 rooms, but I really like it. It just makes it a bit more personal.

Sky kamer boutique hotel

When we arrived at the hotel we were pretty surprised by the standard. Yes, we had seen the picture,s and that was certainly appealing. But pictures usually cheat in reality. But not here. Everything was as perfect as it looked on all the hotel sites. Clean, modern, not worn, beautiful decor and with the most phenomenal view you can imagine (if you just look away from the parking lot below). And to an unbelievable low price for an overnight stay with breakfast. We paid 80 EUR for two nights in a room for two, with view and breakfast !!

Sky Kamer Hotel view
The view from our room


We were a little excited, because some reviews on Tripadvisor did tell us about the opposite – that it was not clean, that it was noisy, etc. But we honestly had no complaints at all. Everything was just as we wanted and then just a little more. The staff were super sweet and helped us with taxi, contacting places etc. (But the taxis are just down the corner of the street, so you can easily catch them).

It is just a part of the pleasure, that there are good beds, delicious fabrics, fine colors and thought of the materials, when staying at a hotel. You may want to have that extra luxury, that you might not have at home. And it must be said that this place had that.

The rooms were not that big but fine enough for our use. Nevertheless, we were mostly out on the small balcony, where could enjoy the view. If you were on a summer vacation, I would not mind just having a little more space. But perfect for such a little vacation here. And then there were lots of exciting small stuff in the bathroom – creme, shampoo, bath slippers, cotton swabs etc. I simply LOVE, when there is. It makes it all seem a bit more exclusive if you ask me (and I’m not really used to hotels).

Lounge area, spa and good breakfast:

Although the hotel is quite small, there are facilities, that one would not normally expect. For example, a large spa area, which we did not have time to get into – unfortunately.

Sky kamer boutique hotel

But there was also a nice lounge area opposite the lobby, that was super cozy decorated and a very good place just to sit down and chat. The restaurant was right next door – small but nice. We only used it for breakfast, but it looked nice.

The breakfast was quite excellent and with a very large selection of traditional Turkish dishes. But as in many hotels, the best things were quickly sold out. However, they were good at making new ones.

Central location and a little tip:

Sky Kamer hotel is located about 400 meters from the bell tower, the city center and one of the entrances to the old town of Kaleici. But on the square, just below the end of the road leading up to the hotel, there is also a small staircase leading down to the harbor. It’s a good shortcut to know (and then you’ll just pass the historical Yivli Mosque, with the beautiful old minaret – Antalya’s landmarks).

But of course you can also queue at the big elevator, that leads straight down to the harbor. We used it a couple of times, when the legs simply could not do more of the trips up and down the steep slopes of Kaleici.

There is a larger square about 100 meters from the hotel. Tophane Parki it’s called. There is plenty of seating where you can sit and look out over the old harbour, the Mediterranean and the mountains in the distance and have a drink and a small meal. Really a very cozy place just to have a break.

Tophane Parki

Just next to the hotel there is a small kiosk, where you can buy all-day little things, drinks, etc. You may not smuggle them to the hotel room, buuut …. 😉 Around the hotel there is also a pretty cozy old quarter of antique dealers, the “love Antalya” sign and a lot of small cozy eateries, that are very authentic. Many have been there for years, so they are approved and do not cost the world of money.

A small eating place around the corner

So if you want to try something other than the small hotels down town or look at some of the other hotels, that are in town, just consider Sky Kamer Hotel. At least, it gets a huge recommendation from here and a visit again in the near future.

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