best beach in Antalya city
Best beach in Antalya city? Konyaalti Beach

The summer and the heat has been in Antalya for almost 2 months now. The big industrial holiday is at the door and thus the high season has also really started. And if you are traveling on vacation, it usually means that you have to spend a large part of your vacation on the beach. So herewith you get a guide to the best beaches in Antalya city.

And there are many of them – quite a lot actually. So even though I had the best intentions, I have to divide this guide into 2. One with the best beaches in Antalya city and one outside (where usually some kind of vehicle is required – but it’s worth the trouble , I can promise you).

A little teaser outside the city – Phaselis Beach

Maybe you can recognize?

Some of the beaches within the city I have written about before – just individually. But when you are standing and going on holiday it can sometimes be very nice with an overall overview. So look with here….

Konyaalti is the large public beach just west of the city. And is clearly my favorite as one of the best beaches in Antalya. That it underwent a major renovation last year (and again this year after the devastating storm) does not make the beach any worse – at all. Here on the beach, which stretches for 7 km, there is everything you could want to get as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Sun loungers and umbrellas, hammocks, seating furniture, cabins, showers to rinse off the salt water. And also changing rooms, toilet facilities, seating areas in the shade, countless beach bars and kiosks with the possibility of food and drink. And naturally water activities, beach games with beach volley etc. The best places to eat are as close to the city as possible.

If you are in a car, you can easily park next to Konyaalti Beach. Here are many people and the music can, however, be just as high in some places. A special section of the beach is redesigned so that disabled people and wheelchair users can easily get there, change, shower, get in the water, etc.… (look for “Engelsiz plaji”). A huge plus in my eyes 🙂

Luxury Hotels & Beaches:

Lara is the other big beach in town. Here, opposite Konyaalti, there are more limited options, as many of the fine beach bars etc belong to the many large luxury hotels, located at the eastern end of the city. There are still many fine places, where you can easily rent a sun lounger, parasol, get something to eat, etc. But a large part is for the many all-inclusive resorts. It requires a special bracelet to get in there. The beach is really good and with sand. And it becomes a bit more shallow, than it does on eg Konyaalti, which is quite steep down towards the water. There is a lot of life on this beach and thus a lot of noice (not least for the pumping music many places and the air traffic, that comes across the beach towards the airport – though high up). But it is a good beach and goes to be the most child-friendly in Antalya (small children).

best beach

You would almost think it was artificially made, but it is not. For the beautiful little Mermerli Plaji is perfectly located right in the middle of the vibrant city (or … maybe not right in the middle. Outside at the waterside of course). But it’s a super good beach to just dive in, if you’re staying inside the city. If you can get space, then. Because there are only few sun loungers in the high season even though the beach has been expanded a lot with wood and concrete terraces upon the water. So the original seats have more than doubled. It costs entrance to enter this beach – and it goes through the Mermerli restaurant. On the other hand, there is also dining on the beach.

best beach in antalya city

Örnekköy beach is just east of town – out at Lara and a little inside a small bay. Here there is both stone and sand and above all a really nice and family-friendly atmosphere. There are several beach clubs with different clientele and at reasonable prices. The sites range from casual to luxury. On this beach there is also the possibility of volleyball, table tennis etc., ie quiet and easy activities without party atmosphere and high speed entertainment, as there can be many other places.

Picnics and for ladies only:

Just like Örnekköy lies at the end of Lara, Sarisu / kadinlar plaji is at the end of the large Konyaalti beach. Right out there where the mountains and harbor are next door, and where you can take the cable car up to the Tünektepe mountain, where you get the undisputed best view of the city. The Sarisu beach has only just opened a few years ago (it was previously reserved for the military only). But it has already grown hugely popular among the locals. Not least because you are free to grow the Turkish national sports no. 1 – picnic, just behind the beach. It is actually a really nice beach, which we are very happy to visit. A bit more primitive / not as commercial as the other beaches, but there are still fine opportunities for sun loungers and umbrellas, for bathing, changing lockers and with showers and toilet facilities, small dining places etc. Here you too have to pay a small entrance to enter.

best beach

And finally, there are the many small fine “terrace beaches”, as I call them. That is, bathing facilities that are built from the coast as a form of platform of either wood or concrete, from which you can bathe and there is room for sun loungers etc. They are quite special and very cozy. And something that is actually quite typical of Antalya city, because the city is a huge milllion city that stretches along the cliff coast. In some places, the cliffs are up to 30 meters high and that gives limitations on bathing, unless you make the “beach” yourself.

Erdal inonu kent parki plaji. The picture is from Antalya city zone

“Terrace beaches”:

So if you drive out of the old coastal road towards Lara (“eski Lara yolu“), then you can find these small places from where you can swim. The whole area is called Falez.

It’s not all places you have to take the stairs down. Ex. has Inciralti Halk Plaji, both stairs and elevator (as the only one). The beach is right next to the Mehmet Manavoğlu Park and a small pebble beach. I think you have to pay about 15 Lira to get in and 5 for a deck chair. You can buy some food here or bring it yourself. There is of course blue flag, so the water is delicious and clean. The beach is open from 8 to 20. If you want to see a small video from the beach I have found one here.

This picture is from Antalya City Zone

In addition to Inciralti Halk Plaji, there are also 2 other beaches that look very much like it. All have good views over Antalya Bay with the mountains in the background. They are built in places on the cliffs, that people have used for years. Now they are just made safer and more accessible. You can find Erdal Inönü plaji and Erenkus halk plaji, which are all close together.

This picture is from Antalya city zone

And a good beach with activities

BLM beach (or Bilem Plaji) as it is called, there is plenty of activity and a little better space, than on the other “terrace beaches”. Here there are both sun loungers, parasols and soft seating on several terraces and the opportunity to buy some food and drinks. You can also rent towels here, but it is cheaper to bring your own. There is a lift down to the beach. And in the water there is an inflatable water park, where you can jump in the trampoline, climb up a climbing wall (out in the water) etc. On site there is also a diving school. Of course, there are also toilets, changing rooms and bathing facilities here. The whole glory costs 25 lira, which is a bit pricey (but a very common price for a beach club. They often vary between 15 and 30 lira per nose). But a really fun place to go – also with the slightly larger children.

Best beach

I hope you have got a slightly better overview of the many magnificent and best beaches and opportunities, that are in Antalya city. And maybe you have the eager and courage to explore the city a bit and find the best beach in Antalya for you. I will probably work on getting an overall map of the best beaches in Antalya. But you have to have patience a little longer ..

Next week I will write about some of the many (exceptional) good beaches located west of the city. Here you will also find the best nature. I have not been so much east of the city, so here I have not so many good tips. But stay tuned and keep an eye out… for there are many good offers and opportunities for unique experiences.