Hoteller i antalya

I have long wanted to write a post about hotels in Antalya. Simply because it is a real jungle of offers. There is so much to choose from and it is first of all a bit difficult to have a overview.

One must always choose from personal preferences such as location, size, facilities, accessibility and not least price ranges. Should it be with or without beach, all-inclusive? in town or at a resort? etc etc

Titanic beach resort

Just that with prices scared me a bit, when I started to dive into it. A lot actually. For holy moly it varies a lot. Depending on what you want, the prices vary between 600 and 10000 USD for a week for 2 adults and 2 children in July. !!! 10000 – what ??! It’s crazy. So .. can you find any cheap hotels in Antalya at all?

Is it just me or are hotels expensive ??

But there are not few in a price range between 3000-5500 USD for a week. Again !!! Maybe I’m a little old, a little too privileged with knowledge of the country and opportunities to stay with family and friends. But … honestly. Do people seriously think, that it is quite ok to give eg 3700 for a week’s holiday (WITHOUT airplanes, pocket money and excursions to be noticed) ?? And what if you want 2 weeks?

Hillside Su /adam and eve

Well, fortunately there are other alternatives. And I really intend to gather in this post. There will probably be a post later about those luxury resort and ultra-luxury. Because it is quite fun and fascinating, what they can just offer. And then the hotels are also cheaper outside the season. Not important, but just a little, so you might have a chance to join in. So maybe there is something to dream about…?

My own classification and recommendation:

I have made my own small private breakdown of hotels by prices. And yes – they can vary quite scary. But the starting point has been a family of two with 2 children aged 8 and 14, 1 week in mid-July and outside Antalya center (ie outside Kaleici). I have mostly used to find prices (but you probably know the prices vary slightly on the different search engines). Then you have a little to compare to.


I have chosen to divide by prices in mini – 750-1500 USD for a week, midi – 1500-3000 for a week, maxi of 3000-4500 and ultra max with prices over 4500 USD. In this post I only describe mini and midi. Then the others come in a week or two.

And why do you have to look here and not just jump into, Trivago or whatever? Because the range is so large, that the overview can quickly slip. I only list the hotels, that I have heard well about, have been recommended, are well located or know they have been around for many years. So no money, advertising or the like is involved. Just plain good advice and recommendations. And this one on cheap hotels.

So here it goes:

Antalya hotels for mini-prices:

I have to admit that the offer is not so fierce here, but I have found a few good ones, that I dare to pass on.

There is always the fine The Marmara Antalya. A beach hotel that from my eyes oozes far away from “modernized 80s, Miami look alike” I will call it. A little kitch, but very cozy and where there is what you need. The 232 rooms are nice, there is restaurant, spa, pool, sea view etc. But the pool is not so big (but big enough) and the beach is a rocky beach, but really quite cozy. 1000 USDit costs for a week and it is pretty well given out, I think. After all. I wouldn’t rule it out anyway.

And otherwise there is the apartment complex Golden Orange, where there is also a small pool and otherwise walking distance to the large public Konyaalti beach and with easy access to the city. Very cozy and 1320 for a week.

Onkel Residence is in the same league, but maybe a tooth better, than Golden Orange. The pool is at least a bit bigger, the rooms a tooth more spacious and modern, there is a fast food restaurant on site and it is close to Konyaalti too. Also 1300 you need to get rid of. But really pretty nice with your own apartment. It is sometimes easier and more free, than what you just think.

Kervansaray kundu beach hotel is like the name – a beach hotel, and a not so bad (for the price). Here there is a fairly large pool with slides, a fine beach area, 4 restaurants, ok standard rooms (400 pcs), large outside areas and plenty of space. Really a very good bid for a cheap hotel for small money. 1300 for a week but with all inclusive !!

Hotels for Midi prices and a larger offer:

It’s no secret, that the higher you get into the price ranges, the more places there are to choose from.

Limak Lara de luxe hotel is a hotel, that has been around for many years and has often sold out for the season. It is also a large complex with more than 400 rooms, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, 3 pools, water park, night club, kids club etc. Large and impressive and certainly an experience. 2700 I found it foor with all inclusive – but prices are rising rapidly in this hotel.

One of those who has also been in the game for many years is Miracle Resort Otel at Lara (the good beaches east of the city). A huge big mastodon with everything your heart desires. Water park, huge pools, 5 restaurants etc – exactly 3000 usd I found it for with all inclusive. But here prices are also moving fast.

If you think that Hotel Su sounds familiar, then maybe because you have previously read about the hotel here on the blog. It is one of the 1st really nice designer hotels in Antalya and in the Konyaalti area and seems very attractive (and beautiful), when you drive up to it or drive past out on the road. But it has been there some years now. The hotel has a private beach club at the start of the large Konyaalti beach. 1800 you have to pay for a week here.

And it continues:

Falez is also one of the oldest hotels back from when Antalya started out as a tourist town. So as such it is very charming. But it is also about to expire. The pool is, for example, incredibly small according to today’s standards. But it has a wonderful view of the Konyaalti beach and is one of the “big” hotels, that are probably closest to the center. 1650 it costs here.

For that price you can also get Akra V, which is opposite the big brother Akra, who is a league for itself. At Akra V you live in an apartment complex opposite the big hotel, but have to cross the road to use the facilities, the beach, the pool, the restaurants, etc. But this is good standard for the money.

Finally, there is the Club Hotel Sera, which makes me pull on a big smile. It is also one of the first and oldest hotels in Antalya – just out the other end of the city – right up and down the Lara beach. A great honeymoon hotel with proud traditions (and the 1st hotel my husband and I stayed at, when we were newly in love and were going on vacation). So yes, I can’t help but mention this red, old, arch-Turkish institution. For it is something quite special, old but very traditional Turkish. well over 7670 with all-inclusive.

Luxury for Less Money:

And finally there is the Sherwood Suites Resort – a little brother to Sherwood Breeze Resort, but much more manageable, child friendly, etc. The decor is very simple and modern – indeed, very impressive especially in the 4 restaurants and in the bar. The hotel is very new and part of a larger (reputable) chain. I don’t like, that you can’t see pictures of the pool area yet, but the reviews on Tripadvisor are very positive. 2700 for this place. I think is pretty good price (especially when “big brother” is twice as expensive) and it is new and fine.

I am generally not so much for those global chain hotels, where everything is similar. But Holiday Inn Antalya might be an exception – I don’t know. But it looks nice, nice and nice. So I could be persuaded to stay there. If nothing else, then because of the fine beach area.

And finally there are IC Hotels Green Palace. The price varies a lot just above and just under 3150 with all-inclusive. Here is probably what you would describe as a real resort – with large parks, water sculptures, huge pool areas (5 in total), 7 restaurants and 4 tennis courts. SO yes .. it’s not that crazy and verymuch for the money.

Perhaps you are waiting in breathless excitement for the more expensive hotels. But then you have to wait a little longer. Because there is just one week’s time or two before that post comes.

But I hope you could use this post about cheap hotels in Antalya for mini and midi prices (and that it might make the choice a little easier). Have fun 🙂