Infinity pool at the Akra hotel

A few weeks ago I wrote a longer post about hotels in Antalya. And about how complicated it sometimes can be to find the “right” hotel. Especially if the choice is between cheaper, more expensive and really exclusive luxury hotels in Antalya. Because there are many to choose from. And it can be very different from person to person and family to family, what you want. Some want to stay at a luxury hotel, others want something less wild, some prefer to stay in apartment or in small intimate bed and breakfast hotels (guesthouses) etc.

So therefore I came up with a lot of bids for cheaper and a bit more expensive hotels, for 2 adults and 2 children in mid-July. You can read that post right here.

Villas at Trendy Lara

But I also promised to post on the expensive and really exclusive hotels. And I must admit, that it is quite exciting with these hotels. Both posts had / have I really been looking forward to do. But there is just something extra about getting into the rather expensive hotels. And luxury hotels in Antalya – there are quite a few. Some I already know, because they have been there for many years. But for the vast majority, they are – at least in the season – far beyond my reach and not something, that I can or want to invest in.

Luxury hotels in Antalya:

And maybe more have it like I? That it is not just these kinds of hotels, that you can afford to book for a family holiday?

But some must be able to afford it.

The beach at Aska exclusive

So here come hotels in what I call the maxi and ultra-max class. Ie with amounts between 20-30,000 for a week and amounts over 30,000 for a week. So if you are curious then there is the possibility of a little peek in a maybe other world (and maybe you can find some great deals outside the high season, there is a little more to pay).

Luxury hotels between 26 – and 4000 Euro:

There are quite a few hotels in this group. Yes almost the majority is lying here (at least late in the season here in April and May) between 26 – to 4000 eur for a week. Most of the time, however, is all-inclusive.

luxury hotels

Rixos Downtown Antalya is one of the older, but pretty fine hotels in Antalya, which is very close to the city center, but still has a pool of reasonably larger, beach access etc. Rixos is actually a not so bad place with nice rooms 4 restaurants, tennis courts, etc. However, the hotel does not have its own beach (but shuttle to the nearby beach) and it may be a bit more for an adult audience. 3600 for a week you must pay (but then there is also free entrance and shuttle to the theme park “land of Legends”).

luxury hotel

Trendy Lara Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in this group, simply because I like the decor and pool area. Tthe beach, on the other hand, seems rather dull and uninspiring and slopes down to the water. But the pool area is quite large. And if you have one of the private villas, then you also have a private pool. There is a pretty nice water park on site with several slides. The first time I looked at the price it was 3350, but right now there is an offer of 2730 on

luxury hotels in Antalya

And then a couple of favorite hotels:

And now we are at the favorites… Akra Hotel has a very special place in my heart for a very special reason. It was the 1st hotel my husband and I went to many years ago, when we were just friends. At that time it was called Dedeman and was one of the most distinguished hotels in the city. The standard is kept albeit upgraded a great deal. Now it really is a trendy place, that until last year was mainly for adults and thus without children. Luckily, they have remodeled, so maybe our 20th anniversary will be celebrated there with our kids? But luxury is one of the words for the place, beautiful decor and phenomenal surroundings and views. Here you really get value for money with spa, beach and luxurious surroundings. 3080 you will be leaving for a week.

Maybe you’ve already come across this quirky hotel… Titanic Beach Lara – which is a hotel that most of all looks like .. yes .. a big ship. The beach is incredibly nice and straight for Instagram and postcard pictures, the 2 pools are fine and the rooms are ok. For an all-inclusive stay, please deduct 3880 eur.

Titanic beach resort

The Bellis Deluxe hotel also deserves to come along, even though it is well situated outside Antalya (about 20 minutes by car from downtown). Because it seems to be a really good family hotel with some really good children’s pools, adult pools and beautiful rooms, beach, 5 restaurants etc. 3617 cost a week there. Not bad I think.

Ultra – luxury exclusive hotels in Antalya:

Here you will find hotels for over 4000 euro for a week. There are so many that I can’t even mention just half. In this group there is the Dolphin chain and the Titanic chain, each of which has several luxury hotels located in different locations around Antalya. But you get just a few others here.

A hotel I have looked at several times is Sherwood Exclusive Lara. It is a nice hotel and has a pretty nice water park for the kids. The beach also seems nice, but the rooms and restaurants might be a bit ordinary for the price. 4421 you have to pay for staying here.

Water park at Sherwood suites hotel

I have heard a lot of praise for Aska Lara Resort & spa because of good food and nice surroundings. It is a fairly large hotel with 545 rooms, 5 restaurants and 3 pool bars. There are several large pools to choose from, a small water park and a pretty nice beach. The price is currently set down from 4287 to 3721, so that is a bit too.

The Royal Wing Hotel is one of the hotels, where you get a great deal for the price. The food should be especially good, but the 6 restaurants, 11 bars and a total of 11 pools count well in the accounts. It is a hotel, where there is a lot of space and the guests will be well pampered. And then it also helps that it is currently set down from 5090 to 4150.

And some really good and special ones:

I would really like to try the Lara Barut Collection if the purse was for it. but …. 5359 euro for a week is a bit much… There is no doubt, however, that this is a truly luxurious hotel with tasteful furnishings, 8 restaurants that guarantee a gourmet experience, pools that are both large and fine, beach, spa and everything you need.

luxury hotel in Antalya

If you’re looking for adventure and something that most of all resembles of Disneyland, The Land of Legends Kingdom might be something for you? The hotel is in the middle of the theme park / water park of the same name, so there is plenty of space and water. The rooms are very colorful, in a slightly cuddly / child-like way. And the restaurants are large and decorated like in another world. But of course it is not quite cheap to stay there – 5761 for a week, if you have both breakfast and dinner.

Reminds a bit of Disneyland right?

A little further out of town is the Belek area. And here are many of the great fine luxury hotels and resorts. Selectum Luxury Resort is one of the places, where everything is a bit extra. On site here you can also do bowling, there is a vineyard etc. And they seem to have absolutely fantastic surroundings for the children and with much entertainment of the good kind. The pool cheats a lot, as it is divided into several, with huge water parks and with the possibility of a good swim around it. The beach also seems pretty good. 5627 costs a week with all-inclusive – and it’s fully understandable.

A really luxury hotel

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