Hillside Su Antalya frontI’ve sat and chewed on the title of this article for some time now. Maybe it’s because there are so many words, that would fit to the descripsion of Hillside Su, and because I really have a hard time finding the right ones. Because the luxury 5 star hotel Hillside Su in Antalya is not easy to describe – maybe therefore my  lack of words? At least this was the feeling I had the first time, I visited the hotel. I was speechless and stood with open mouth and polyps and stared. What a building!

The large white building looks almost majestically as it thrones on the hillside looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on the way down the slope  – in the boundary between the city and the beach, so it’s nothing less than a great location. The original hotel was closed and the buildings were not maintained. Something that irked us sincerely, because the buildings were completely unique to Antalya. It almost reminded me of Danish Funkis-style (og German bauhaus) with the unique, tight, white style (I’m a sucker for architecture and is also esthetician, so this particular style appeals to me tremendously). So I was a bit worried, if this great building would be demolished and replaced with something awfull. Hillside Su at night

Fortunately, the buildings were bought, restored and expanded so that they today appear even more beautiful and functional than before. The style is still very “not Turkish” – almost futuristic and playful, and I wonder, who designed and financed it. For hooray – more visionary, out-of-the-box, neat buildings to the city thanks – 😉 Hillside Su Antalya

Hillside Su is one of Antalya’s best luxury hotels, and it’s a hotel in a class by itself and without equal for miles. It obviously has 5 stars and all the convenience you can imagine. The rooms are fun, functional design and completely square. They are at once completely white and full of color, because when darkness falls, you can change the color of the light on the terrace. That means,that when you drive by on the road just outside, the hotel looks quite alive (and very modern) with the countless windows with different colors. There is of course also a big nice pool (the hotel is right next to an aqua park too) and, above all, around half of the rooms have a stunning view of the Mediterranean and Konyaalti beach. The hotel can accommodate 330 people, so it is reasonable big. If you want to go down to the beach, you canwalk or get a ride with one of the small carts. Hillside Su have their own part of the beach, where the luxury, white surroundings continues – SO beautiful. If you’re not staying at the hotel, you can also get to the beach, but you have to pay a fee.hillside-su hotel 3-antalya

In the basement of the hotel, there is a fine restaurant, which you’re also welcome to use, if you’re  not a guest at the hotel. We have used this a few times (my father in law and his wife loves this restaurant, so they nearly get here ones a month). I believe, that it costs something like 65 TL and half price for children (but maybe I’m wrong). As in most other hotels you’ll find a HUGE buffet (and buffets in Turkey is not to be trifled with. They are gigantic, quite artful design and you miss absolutely nothing!). The food is quite nice and quite well, but it’s not gourmet or really high class, just really good food and it gives a good impression of Turkish and international cuisine. The restaurant is completely red – it took me a while to get used to.Hillside su Kirmize restaurant

Unfortunately, we have never stayed at Hllside Su hotel, but my brother in law has stayed there several times and has been quite pleased. I’s not really a child-friendly hotel (and it has only existed, while we’ve had two of them, soo ….). I would say, that it’s a hotel for design freaks (or design interested) and the slightly younger audience – but many return again and again. Perhaps I still get butterflies in my stomach, everytime we enter the place, because we haven’t lived there. I don’t know. But they have the most impressive entrance / foyer you have ever seen, and it will take your breath away -I promise!! It was fun so much to bring the kids the first time – they were quite impressed and completely quiet and tranquil. But who can resist the giant disco balls hanging down and a completely white interior reflecting all the light. We obviously can not (and nor can small kids). This is also where you’ll find what must be the longest bar in Antalya. And note the many orange trees that stands at the tall gabled – I love the fresh green and orange contrast too all the white inside the hotel.Hillside Su Antalya

Even if you’re not living at Hillside Su, do consider eating here one evening. If nothing else, just to see the foyer (and taste the giant buffet). It’s actually a great experience. There are more eye-candy at their website, so hop over and look at pictures or book your room,. You can see the reviews here.Hillside Su room