I might as well admit it. These all-inclusive hotels, simply isn’t me. Not at all. I’ve actually always been against them, even though I’ve never tried a all-inclusive stay. Quite narrow and bigoted isn’t it ?? Or at least I think so, because are you really permitted to speak up/not to like it in advance, if you haven’t even tried it ?? Hmmm …

Hotels in Turkey:

If I have to be honest, I must admit, that we haven’t stayed at a lot of hotels in Turkey in the past several years. Since our children were born actually. For this reason, that it was too stressful, too expensive, too crowded, too everything. Instead we always borrowed an apartment (which you can read about here) in a building close to the big Konyaalti beach in Antalya. This apartment is not quite the same as we usually stay in, but similar can be found here. Sometimes we have been in other cities or run around a lot and have either borrowed an apartment or just living with friends and family. But it was perfectly fine for us.

Royal holiday resort, Lara Antalya

Now our kids are bigger and things are much less troublesome, than with small ones. And then, above all, we like to give them an experience, that they’ve never tried before. So this year it might be. This year, we’ll have it all with fancy hotel with large pools and slides for the children, sumptuous buffees, all-inclusive, no responsibility, planning or anything. Just pure relaxation. Or at least this is our dream. Because “peeeew“, it’s not exactly cheap, even though European tourists (probably) will be looking elsewhere than Turkey, there might be more or less crisis and the tourism industry is upside down with exciting action and support, to entice tourists back again.

Finding a hotel:

We were looking at a week’s stay – just 7 nights, but on a really good hotel with huge pool-park, preferably at the beach, nicely decorated (Oh Lord there are many hotels with Arabic or Russian-themed gold brocade and browns all over the place !!). It would also be nice with some restaurants, you can chose between. Just if you really are going all the way with all-inclusive and don’t have to fear to get tired with just one single restaurant on the hotel. Wifi on the entire plot is also quite important – indeed it sounds cheesy, but sorry.We now have two pre-teens, so there must be both space for games, shooting musical.ly videos and instagramme with friends back home, while you have fun with the family. Damn it is not easy or inexpensive to find all these things !!! Between 19-3400€ without plane tickets for a week. We usually keep something close to 14 days without lacking anything for the same amount!!

I wrote in the beginnning, that it has been some years, since we last stayed at a hotel in Antalya. At that time we always stayed at a great hotel, named Talya. It was place absolutely in the middle of Antalya City – 5 minutes walk, then you were inside the old town Kaleici. It was – at the time – one of Antalya’s best and most legendary hotels. It was pure happiness to wake up in the morning to the sound of waves beating against the rocks, the smell of sea, sun and heat and enjoy the view and the sunset over the Gulf of Antalya and the mountains in the evening, while you got the city’s best food. But okay, I was also quite newly in love, so I think it also affects the experience in a more rosy-red direction? But now Talya is closed, so we have to find a new hotel.

All-inclusive hotels – why should it be so difficult:

And here comes the next problem. Why should there be so many hotels to choose from? Just as one overcomes your inner monster (who will not look at hotels) attackea a new monster, who just wants more and more. Bigger, better, higher, longer, several pools, several restaurants, the best location, nicer interior, more slides, spa and fitness, bowling halls, theme parks, fun and games for the kids, while parents can relax just a little. Yes… there has been some major developments on hotel-front the past 10 years, but why do I (or we) turn 180 degrees ?? Going from hate it to potentielly love it 😀

Can we overcome ourselves?

I am curious as to whether I / we even get to like it. If we’re going to relax between perspiring tourists, noisy children, music, entertainment, battle for the sun loungers (I refuse to be one of those, who get up at 6 in the morning to secure adequate sun beds for the family) and what else can be challenging. Whether we overcome ourselves in, what I quite formal call the stronghold of tourists, is exciting. The kids gonna love it, and I hope, that we parents follow. For it might be quite pleasent with this all-inclusive hotel holiday – without having to think and plan something special, just lie back with everything served. The idea is certainly intriguing here in the dark, cold, wet february, and basically I SO want to give my children this experience with the lap of luxury and lazyness. They have never tried to stay at a big hotel, so it would certainly be an experience of a lifetime for them.

The cake buffe at Delphin Palace, Lara Antalya

We usually seek the greatest possible freedom, peace and quiet and no tape and regulations, when we are on vacation. Just take-it-as-it-comes and see what is happening and where we might go. Perhaps this can also happen at a hotel-holiday? I hope so, for this year it will definitely be different. Now we just have found the perfect hotel …