portobello 3It would be a shame to claim that Porto bello Hotel is a sweet little family run hotel with its own comfort, charm and unique atmosphere, it is absolutely not! Porto Bello is a huge juggernaut that is next to the seashore (divided by a road, but with a tunnel under it and straight down to the beach) and with room for roughly 756 people. A large, functional 5 star hotel, where everything runs smoothly, with good food, entertainment, helpful staff and where you are guaranteed a good and pleasant experience.

And who doesn’t want that, when you’re on vacation ??? !!portobello 1

The reason I choose to call Porto Bello “almost” a family hotel is, that every time we are in Antalya and have friends and family – especially our brother and sister, they ALWAYS choose to stay at this hotel. And naturally they have a reason! They are finally on vacation and just want things to go as smooth, quiet and calm as possible and without major surprises. The food is as usual (actually really good – some local families come here to eat, which is always a good point of reference), the music is calm and quiet, the service is polite and friendly, the drinks are good, the pool is good and there is direct access to the sea. We have yet never had anyone staying there, who have been unhappy with the stay and that has otherwise soon been quite a few guests over the years.portobello 2

Whether one is for that type of holiday or not is really a completely individual matter of taste, but it certainly must be relaxing and more or less carefree. Everything is served or can be purchased. A disadvantage may be that the hotel is located just under 6 km from the center. However there is several large shopping malls and a long beach nearby (and the beach, Konyaalti, is even one of the best in Antalya). On the other hand, the hotel is close to the apartment we usually stay in, so it’s convenient if we have extra guests.
One can certainly find hotels, that are cozier and more intimate, closer to the center or some other reason, but we have now used it for several years, and I think it works as long as it comes to summer and beach holidays. Need a link to the hotel, you will find it here:

If you need to look at the recommendations, Tripadvisor is a good place to start or you can simply book the hotel.

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