Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been here on the site or on the different social media accounts to (did you even know of their existense?)? And that’s completely okay. There is so much going on in the world right now, that you also have to keep up with. And then it is not because I get to post 3 (english) posts every week, so it’s easy to catch up.

But ….. maybe you haven’t seen, there have been some changes on the site, that you may not have noticed (and if not … it might be a good thing, because then it may not have bothered you that much ?!).

“What is the woman talking about” you might think 😉 And I can understand that well. Not all changes are so straightforward to see – and that’s exactly what I want.

Over the past couple of month, I have spent time optimizing my social media accounts and the page/blog on all sorts of leads and edges. First of all, so it is now completely secure (you can see it on the locked padlock at the top of the URL bar, where you type the URL). Then I did a spring cleaning in there, so I have deleted some things, that should not be on the site and tried to plan the categories a little better.

Exactly the categories is really important and something I know that several of you have been asking for. So now it should be a bit easier to find the right recipe, you are looking for. The categories are not quite in place yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

Finding recipes is easier:

But for now, you can easily find the recipes in the top bar under English / Turkish recipes. There you can click the arrow and then scroll down to find your options. It is still a bit simplistic, but better than before (where there was nothing 😀).

Social Media

And then I tried to split the site into two – a dinish and an english version. But unfortunately it didn’t work. So now I’m (nearly) back to normal with a mainly danish site but with the opportunity to click on English to find all the posts. That will be it for now.

I still have many plans with the site. Among other things, the look must be radically changed and have a whole different set up. But it is not right now (for it is rather expensive and cumbersome). But it’s in the mold. There are a little too many challenges and compromises with the current solution, so it’s time for a change.

The whole world is crazy and different:

Yes, there is an old saying that says nearly that. And at least it feels that way right now. Virus and disease everywhere, restrictions and restrictions at most and above all … no opportunities to travel.

I know that many suffer (no comparison, by the way). After all, it is usually now, that you start planning your summer vacation, what is going to happen, where to go, etc. etc. But not thid year.

But I hear a lot of travel bloggers, who think it is not so easy to write motivational posts in these times, when we do not yet know, when we are allowed to go out and even travel again. And I can really follow that.

Then I am very happy, that I also have some recipes. For I have had time to make quite a few. So I have a whole lot up my sleeve, that I’m just waiting to write to you. So there will definitely be more focus on Turkish recipes in the next few months.

Social media and Loveantalya:

And then we’re back to finding the recipes easier. And working to make the blog better.

Because did you know, that there is also a Facebook page linked to the website here (you probably did)? And an Instagram account? And there’s even a Pinterest account too. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it will act as a kind of search engine for images and topics. Very, very interesting and a time robber of dimensions 😀

So if you are interested in keeping an eye on, then you are welcome to follow along on various social media. I use them differently, so it’s not the same things you see. Not at all actually.

On Instagram, I post great photos from Antalya and the surrounding area and inspiration for places to go. There are not so many “family pictures” as such, from our trips outside Antalya, but it is at the stage of contemplation. But many moods from the city, the water, the streets and the surrounding countryside.

On Pinterest you will probably find most recipes and pictures of Turkish food. The recipes are a nice mix of my own recipes and those of others. So there are some good ideas to get from there anyway.

And then there is finally Facebook to keep up with new posts and etc. And otherwise you can also sign up for the newsletter here in the pop-up box (which I have not used so much yet).

TID Anden

If you like, you can find the different things here:


Instagram: (please note that my name is myloveantalya)

And Pinterest:

The newsletter signup pops up in the box on the page once in a while.

I would be very happy if you want to sign up for one or more places on my social medias . It’s just so wonderful and motivating, that others can use what you write and spend almost all my time on. Maybe you are just as fond of Turkey and Antalya as me? And just want to keep up?

At least you are welcome 🙂