Paradise Residence
Paradise Residence

Paradise Residence – the name alone makes you lower your shoulders, close your eyes and take an extra deep breath. For doesn’t Paradise sound like a wonderful place to spend your vacation ? I certainly think so !!

We happily get there every year – or at least, we have since the apartments were built in 2006. In the last 3 years we haven’t been in Turkey in the summer – oh woe , oh complain … But if we had, we had probably lived in Paradise.

For there is a special beauty of staying there – in the middle of the greenest beautiful surroundings. The development is still relatively new and every time we get there, we notice the new flowers, palms and trees, if the neighbors have been replaced etc.. Yes it’s almost like a cottage, you often return to, even if it’s an apartment, that we rent by acquaintances. Paradise Residence is an apartment complex with 128 homes that were built in 2006 and was initially very distinctive with its round walls, large windows, lush vegetation and huge pools (one with Olympic dimensions, ie, about 50 meters from end to end). It looks both exciting and luxurious and expectations for a good holiday surge, when you park outside the gate and look inside. It was not the cheapest construction when it was founded, so it was mostly tourists who bought the apartments, but gradually the locals bought it aswell. And this adds to the charm!P1030526

The buildings are just right for us – there are big and small apartments (80 or 160 m²), but we always try with one of the duplex, so there is a bedroom for all (and even an extra room for guests or storage), 3 bathrooms and both a balcony and a terrace for dining and evening drinks. Pure luxury in our view. There’s just something wonderful and liberating by having all that space to yourself and not having to fight for the sun loungers with 700 other tourists. There are shops just opposite the building, a small grocery, shops, a bakery and a huge market every Tuesday and Saturday (a great place to buy fruit, vegetables, spices etc.).

We usually eat breakfast and mostly lunch at home and then we go out and eat dinner every night (I cook almost every day year round, so I don’t want to to this on my vacation). There are several delicious places nearby and if you rent a car, the possibilities are even more. There are about 800 meters to the beach and about 4 km to the nearest shopping center, so even if you do not live in the hot center or along side the beach, it’s still super great.paradise nat

And why is it so cool to stay here ?? If you aren’t convinced already, I’m not sure, I can help you. But for us, it works great to be as independent as possible. But of course you have to shop and cook for yourself, clean, hang up your own towels, wash your clothes, etc. (if we bother). I can best describe it with the word FREEDOM. You are free, you can freely decide about your holiday without looking at meal times, find yourself in noisy entertainment (or with people you do not really have anything in common with), without having to fight for sun loungers and the best seats at the pool. Here YOU decide !! And the kids can go up and watch a DVD, relax in the cod air from the air-conditioner, go back and forth, running in the garden and look for small animals or whatever they find exciting, while you relax, wherever you want. If someone is hungry, they just take some food in the fridge and you can eat where you want (unlike many of the popular all-inclusive stay, where you barely get outside the hotel). Yes, this form suits us just really good.

It’s not always easy to find a nice place to stay, but this place can certainly be recommended and can be rented hereor here or maybe by writing to us!paradise 2