sunshine seaI often get questions like: “Why and when do you travel to Antalya”, “How hot is it down there in June, July, August, September”, “Can you bear to be there”, etc, etc. So here is my summed up weather report. And yes, it’s not easy to answer, because it depends of course on what you like and how wam you like it. It’s an very individual question and taste. And you can get used to a lot, I would say. In my family we are allright with hot temperatures (ie I feel best with temperatures above 36 °, while my husband and children may have it a little colder without making them sad ). If we are on summer vacation, we like to leave a week before school holidays summer vacation starts and 14-17 days ahead. Then plane tickets are cheaper, and the weather is still hot but not max. burning heat and humidity, as there is in late July / most of August.average-temperature-turkey-antalya

In general it’s blowing up from the sea at 1 pm.  “Yes, yes”, you’re probably thinking. “Smart, how can you say it like that. You cannot be sure of the weather ?”. No, of course you’re right, but I have a lot of experience and for some reason the wind has this pattern in the bay. But you don’t have to worry – the wind (and waves) are lovely and liberating – especially in the hot summer. It all settles again a few hours later, at around 4-5 pm. Therefore – if you’re not a good sailor, don’t take one of the famous boat tours during this time !! The waves “rolls” because there are VERY deep in the bay, and it’s not that fun !! Just warning you (said from an absolutely NO sailor).12062011444

The humidity in the summer really depends on whether there is Lodos or Poyraz – onshore or offshore wind. If there is offshore winds – Poyraz – the wind is coming from the north, from the inland / steppes, then there will be unbearably hot and with a very, very dry air. I know many people (including myself) who says, they will get headaches and get the feeling og being slightly crazy. Lodos, ​​onshore wind is not quite as bad. Here the air is just more humid, windy and a bit more chilled (which is quite nice when the alternative in the summer is 45°C and bone dry). P1030473

The weather forecast for Antalya in general:

January is definitely the coolest month. Here there can be anything between 3 -16°C and if you’re really unlucky there can also be frost. However, this is quite short but doesn’t feel very nice, since most houses are not sufficiently termally isulated and the hotels often switch of the aircondition. So remember warm clothes if you travel here.

February and March are months when temperatures rise and approaching something we would call spring here at home. All things begin to sprout and the days alternate between sun and rain. Temperatures range between 8 and 25°C.

April and May is lovely months to travel because the spring in Turkey is what we’ll rather be calling early summer in Denmark and UK (and we do long for heat and sun). Between 17 and 30°C if you’re lucky, but but but …. May is also the wettest month of the year, so it’s a bit of a gamble.average-rainfall-turkey-antalya

The month of June is super nice – really. Not too hot, not too cold – here are all satisfied. You’ll risk that there is a heat wave, but that isn’t so bad is it (you have longed for the sun for so many months now) ?? Just remember your sunscreen or you’ll turn red like a crab. The moisture is not as high yet, as it is later in the summer.

July and August are like an oven! Really. The first time I came to Turkey, was the first time I ever travelled to the south. I remember, that I came out from the airport in Antalya, and when I came into the midst of the parking lot, I automatically thought of, when the heating fan was going to turn off (you know like the ones they have in the big malls before you leave the store). Yes. I learned it ! So you can expect high temperature, high humidity due to the sea and no rain (so you certainly feel lucky if you get it). These are the months where you will see weather forecasts, where they often warns about melted asphalt !! Yep, that’s right. It is generally between 35 and 45 degrees – FULL day (ok maybe only 25-28 at night but still …). The sea is so, so nice in these month and until October/November – you can expect from 25 to 32°C.

September and October are some wonderful, wonderful months. Again – perfect temperatures, very little rain, perhaps a little wind and warmer than at home (which in my case is Denmark). We have sometimes been down there in the autumn and have been lucky to swim in the sea and having 28 degrees for most of the holiday – that’s a scoop!). But rainy and with 20-33°C.

November and December are also ok, but again – risk of cold due to the houses’ condition. And the threat of rain, wind and thunder. But hey – it’s still nice to be on vacation !. Expect between 10 and 20 degrees.average-sunshine-turkey-antalya

Want the harsh weather facts?

¤ May, June, July, August and September are the best “holiday-temperatures” to a swim / summer vacation
¤ The average July and August are the hottest months
¤ Antalya has drought in June, July, August and September
¤ The average August is the hottest month
¤ The coldest average month is January
¤ May is the month with the most rainfall
¤ July is the driest monthP1030534

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