Tyrkisk kartoffelsalat

Almost everyone at home with us is crazy about potato salad. Maybe just except me. I am not that crazy, that I definitely need it and demand it. Only on rare occasions. But my husband and my children – they can hardly get enough of it especially in the summer, but really all year round. “And it must be the homemade Mom” proclaims my 14 year old daughter. The quick, ready-made from the supermarket is not good enough, she thinks.

So I was really excited, when I had to make a Turkish potato salad the other day. What would they say to it ??

turkish potato salad

Turkish potato salad is just something I’ve gotten a few times. And even in 2 different versions. But they have been just as good every time and have alittle different to offer, than the usual “white” Danish potato salad with onion / chives, crème fraiche, youghurt, mayo or whatever you normally use.

Simple and straightforward:

The Turkish potato salad is also quite simple. Really simple indeed. As such, it consists only of potatoes, a bit italian parsley, spring onion, salt, chili flakes / Pul biber, olive oil and pepper pasta (salca). Here you go… that’s it!

Tyrkisk kartoffelsalat

But, but, but … after all, the trees do not grow into the sky. So it wasn’t completely accepted. By my daughter is understood. For everyone else was pretty crazy about it. Both my son and I thought it was very good, and my husband was almost completely obsessed with it. Praised it very much and ate even more. So it was good enough after all.

And I really think it’s pretty good too. Most of all because it is a different alternative and supplement to many different things. But especially here in the summer and autumn it is really good along with a good barbecue, for example.

Turkish potato salad – an exciting alternative:

Now there’s oil in it, so it’s pretty greasy. But, of course, it depends on how much you get in. So for that reason, I would not use this potato salad with very fatty meat. But with chicken, fish, a slightly lean steak or with a roast it is perfect. Or of course Turkish meatballs, which you can get a recipe for here.

Tyrkisk kartoffelsalat

Of course, you can use all kinds of potatoes. But I sneaked a little and went out and dug up fresh asparagus potatoes. Nothing can beat them in the summer. So in its sense, it was a bit of a cheat and cheap points. But asparagus potatoes can therefore be recommended. Or at least small, new potatoes. Then you already have quite a bit of flavor there.

Maybe you think, that you have not just encountered Turkish potato salad, when you have been there. And no, it’s not that common in restaurants, for example. But at home in the kitchen, it is far from unusual. And you may also be lucky to encounter the potato salad as part of the meze. You know – that table where there’s a lot of different, small, delicious dishes. A bit like Spanish tapas.

Turkish potato salad

So here comes the recipe for a real housewife favorite – Turkish potato salad. Hope you enjoy it.

Turkish potato salad – tasty and a bit different

This turkish potato salad is really easy to make and a great companion to almost all kinds of meat and vegetables. And then it's a bit different, than the usual ones. A real turkish "housewife-favorite".
Forb. tid5 min
Tilb. tid25 min
Resting time20 min
Samlet tid50 min
Ret: Main cource, Meze, salad , meze, appetizers, Side-dish, main course
Køkken: Mediterranian, Turkish
Keyword: different salad
Antal: 4 persons


  • 800 gram potatoes, best with asparagus or small new potatoes
  • 4 pcs spring onions, also use the green part, cut very fine
  • 1 tsp Pul biber, chili
  • salt

The dressing:

  • 40 gram olive oil
  • 1 tbsp Pebber paste, Salca – the spicy one
  • 1 tbsp cutted spring onion

Sådan gør du

  • 1: Start by cleaning the potatoes (if they are new and the peel is thin, you can easily leave the peel on)
    2: Set them to cook at medium heat for 20 minutes approx.
    3: Chop the spring onions and parsley, not fine and not rough. Also, be sure to use a good bite of the green top on the onions.
    4: Pour the oil, 1 tablespoon of spring onion and 1 tablespoon of pepper paste into a small saucepan, bring to a boil and allow to cook just for a few minutes.
    5: Pour the moisture from the potatoes, cut them into appropriate chunks and pour the dressing over. Leave to cool for 15-30 minutes, so serve well. But the potato salad can also easily be eaten cold.
    Enjoy the refreshments
    Turkish potato salad


Serve grilled chicken thighs, salmon or Turkish meatballs with a good green salad and possibly whole boiled corn.
You can easily store the potato salad for a few days. It only tastes even better the next day.
If you pour the dressing over while the potatoes are hot, they will only absorb more of the flavor. Serve it warm, but not hot.