Now I have written a lot of articles about how it is, when you miss Turkey (see here and here) and how awful it can be until you at least have the next flight ticket in your hand and know when to go.

But do you know, when you have been too much in Turkey? And here I mean in the good way (because can you really get tired of Turkey for more than a few weeks at a time, before missing and the good memories take over ??). When did you seriously adopt the many Turkish customs and lifestyles, and without thinking about it, eating a whole fish without looking into its dead eyes, say “Inshallah” to everything, consider youghurt as a natural accessorie for all kinds of food, etc. etc? Been “turkey-fied” as you might say.

Have you been “Turkey-fied” yet ??

Yes, if you are now sitting and smiling, then you are already well on your way. Maybe you can recognize some of this:

  • You love Raki and like to drink it for dinner. Perhaps you are even considering making it yourself, as it has become too expensive to buy because of the taxes. In many places in private homes in Turkey, tasting evenings are held, where the home brewing for the whole neighborhood is tasted and evaluated.
  • Youghurt is an important and almost indispensable accessory for almost all kinds of food. Yes actually all food, because it can also be used in soup! And bread is needed – also preferably for all meals.
    You can easily barbecue outside in the winter. It’s just on with a hat, mittens and scarf if it’s too cold.
Adana kebab
  • You don’t blink an eyes, that a whole fish is lying on your plate. Complete with tail, head, eyes and everything. And you can easily and as lightly as nothing avoid looking it in the eyes, while eating it and releasing every bone from the meat.
  • Soup can also be eaten for breakfast. Not only in the winter or when you are sick. Because lentil soup is the best! Especially after a wet night in the city or on a hot summer day.
  • You might even say “Selam Aleykum” and answer again with “Aleykum Selam” or use the usual “Mashallah” and “inshallah”, when you want something to happen or compliment one.
  • You enjoy yourself by sitting on a bench in a park, looking out at the landscape or the many people, and dissecting a sunflower seed with your teeth,while collecting a pile of shells beneath you.
  • You have no inhibitions by being direct. Have someone out on weight, you will comment it directly.
  • That polite, taking into account in the traffic, you may be accustomed to at home, are forgotten after you have been in Turkey. Here the traffic lights are only indicative (and should at least only be used, if there are many cars on the roads otherwise not), are there speed limits at all ?? and the horn in the car must also be tested daily (and preferably in several different situations)…
  • If drilling holes in the wall or just popping in at the neighbor’s with something at 23 o’clock doesn’t bother you, you might also have become a little used to the Turkish style. Your children may not sleep at that time anyway.
  • Is your house always spotless and clean? And not least – does it smell clean ?? The more the better.
  • Do you always have slippers ready for a minimum of 6 couples (and often throw your shoes outside the front door ??)
  • Do you also miss outdoor exercise machines, even though you might have an excellent membership to the local fitness center and there are both air conditioning and several machines in there?
  • Perhaps you are sometimes perceived as rude at home, when you roll your eyes and hit with your tongue instead of saying no thanks. Or just raise your eyebrows in response to a question? Yes, then you are well on your way to becoming turkey-ificated…
  • You miss really tea. Like several times a day. And preferably the one in a tulip-shaped glass. Black, sweet and a little strong.
  • You know, that “turkish time” is +/- 2 hours from the alleged time for your appointment?
  • When street vendors don’t even bother to approach you / yell at you / chase you down the street. Yes, you then know, that you have been a lot in Turkey and can a thing or two. They know you.
Smagen af Tyrkiet

I am sure, you have several examples of being infected by the Turkish culture and way of life, than those, I have been able to remember here. You are very welcome to write a comment. It is always fun to see, what you have just adopted and taken in, maybe perhaps without even been aware of it.