exceptional beaches

As promised last wednesday, I would soon write about some of the good beaches that exist outside Antalya city. And you get a warning right away – there are quite a few (so the post will be long!). And the vast majority of them are truly exceptional beaches that have some of the most beautiful scenery, you can imagine. And then they lie like pearls on a string – right next to each other, over a huge stretch of coast.

What is beautiful depends on the eyes that look. So what is beautiful for you is not necessarily beautiful to me. But if you think “… aaah, lovely bounty beaches with soft white sand and palm trees” then no. You will not find these in Turkey. They are simply not found at these latitudes.


Here it will be larger and smaller beautiful beaches with stones (different sizes). Some places with sand, reefs with rocks (pretty good if you also like to dive or snorkel), quite often forest or nature park up to the beach. But always with complete clear azure water, with good visibility to the bottom, often lots of fish (and small squid if you’re lucky). Many beaches have either sun loungers, umbrellas and maybe catering or are just “au naturel”, where a towel, mattress and whatever you have from home can do just fine.

With all or au naturel ??

It is great with a mix, I think. Sometimes with luxury and organized beach life and the opportunity for showers, toilets, order food and drinks at the waiter, couches, etc. But by far the most times I / we prefer to come somewhere without the big noise. And just experience nature, enjoy the whole day, dive and eat our food from home on disposable plates on a carpet in the forest floor. Yes, so we can be so different …

But I almost dare promise you, that the last opportunity (my favorite) will give you many more experiences of authentic Turkey and give you memories for life. But as I promised you in the last blog post (where you can read about the best beaches in Antalya city), here are my bids on some of the most amazing exceptional beaches outside Antalya city.


As a rule, it requires some kind of vehicle. So if you rent a car (I would recommend that), hire a taxi, take a dolmus or a tour bus – you must decide. The main thing is, that you are going. Even though it might seem a bit cumbersome.

If you now start the car and go west you will already meet 2 popular beaches a few kilometers outside the city.

To the west:

One can argue, whether the Sarisu beach belongs or not to the city. With me it’s in.

But if you continue on the D400 road towards Kemer, then you will suddenly come to the next two good beaches, that are close to each other. If the truth is to come, you may discover them first, when you have passed and enviously admire the crazy blue water you pass. But that’s how it is. Then you can turn around after 10-15 km if you want. And otherwise you just have to be something more vigilant and put your GPS on – because it’s pretty handy in this terrain. The road signs are probably a tooth better since I was there last, but still…

Topcam Plaji is located approx. 15 km outside the city and is a really popular place among the locals. Again because there is ample opportunity here to grow the national sport no. 1 – picnic. (Amazingly many beaches contain built-in picnic options). This stony beach is no exception. There is even a small kiosk, toilets, showers, changing rooms, lifeguard in the season and views of a small island. Yes, can it be more idyllic? (Do I destroy the idyll by saying, that the small picturesque island is called the rat island? But just take it easy – it is not quite true. And there are at least no (visible) rats on the beach 😀) This is a really good place to dive and snorkel, as the water is very clear. And there are many fish due to the stones in the water.

The “Rat island” seen from the cable car

And just a few more beaches:

The next good beach is called Kargicak Plaji, but here you have to fight a bit more for the sunbeds, if you come in the weekend. It is extremely popular with people from Antalya, Kemer and inland. A long way before you get to this beach, you will be able to see cars parked at the side of the road. Don’t mind the fact, that it’s a highway !!. The reason is so simple, that it costs entrance, to enter. And with the car it costs just a little extra. Saves where can be saved.

But on this beach there are also different facilities and even with the opportunity to camp, if the desire is for it. When we were there last year, it almost seemed as if people were moving into the beach with large (floor) carpets, primus, wash basins and it all. Quite wildly I would say. But the water here is also crystal clear and ideal for snorkeling and fishing – and then with Antalya’s majestic skyline on the horizon.

A little further down the road you come to Beldibi beach, which is good and nice with many large luxury hotels, that block most of the access. Between several of the hotels, however, there are small paths that lead down to the water. And especially towards east is beautiful and without many tourists.

Then you come to Kemer, which also has a lovely beach and with a little more city life about it and many water activities. I think it was better some years ago, when there were not so many hotels, boats and tourists. But yet a cozy place anyway …

The most exceptional beaches:

There are several smaller beaches afterwards, but one of the most beautiful – and my family’s favorite beach in Turkey is clearly Phaselis. A wonderful place, which unfortunately has become more commercialized (although it is nice with a toilet and some fresh water). But Phaselis is divided into 2 beaches and inbetween is the old ruins you can explore. The vast majority pull over to the large beach (furthest west) and with a wonderful view to a small bay, mountains etc. It is also here that the tourist boats are (and this is usually a guarantee that I stay away). But the little beach can be something special – you can read about it here.

The picture is from http://www.phaselis.org

Last summer we were on an excursion and visited, among other things, the wonderful Cirali beach, which we fell in love with completely. But it is also quite easy now. Huge long sandy beach with mountains all around and a beautiful view. In fact, the burning mountain is close by, so visit that right on the way. On the beach there is also the opportunity to live in small wooden houses – quite cozy.

Next beach is Olympos, which is almost only a stone’s throw from Cirali. But you still have to drive up and down a mountain to get here. But it’s worth the trouble. And then you can just round a trip (or spend many hours) on the old, beautiful ruins, that lie on the walk to the beach. Olympos has evolved into something, that almost reminds of the old Klondike. Although not a gold digger town, but with massive amounts of wooden houses and free spirit. The beach is also really phenomenal, but is rather steep and with stones (so it is not recommended with broken toes as we both had – peeeww ..).

Exceptionelle strande

Can it be more beautiful?

Adrasan is also on my top three over the best beaches at all. Here is just so cozy and relaxed. Yet at least. From here there is the possibility of slightly different activities and to sail out, but it is quite expensive. There were several cafees and we found one, that both made really good burgers, french fries and smoothies. Yes, who would think so. But here we come again, because the beach is really like being in Thailand or something. Incredibly beautiful and yet with more options.

exceptional beaches

There are also several amazing beaches in the area, which I have never been to. Because they require you to go by boat – you can’t drive there. Ceneviz bay and Sulu Ada beach should be absolutely formidable.

exceptional beaches

If you then drive a long distance, you will pass the towns of Kas and Kalkan and to Kaputas plaji, which is probably one of the most infamous, exceptional beaches in all of Turkey. I was there a little 20 years ago, before it became modern (and before we even knew what the name of beach was). Although I have seen a lot, it is one of the most surreal blue beaches, I have ever been to. Really incredible. The beach is quite small and with a steep staircase with many steps down (170 exactly). Nowadays – cross I sound old – there are sun loungers, a small kiosk and a small cafe. If you feel like it, you can go up the nearby river bed (where there is no water) in the summer and explore a little. It is also incredibly nice and a popular climbing place too.

exceptional beaches

The turtle Beach:

And last but not least, quite far on the municipality border, is probably Turkey’s most famous beach Patara. It is truly an exceptional beach. It is also the longest sandy beach in the entire northern Mediterranean. A total of 18 km stretches the beautiful sandy beach over, and it is fully understandable, why this particular beach has been voted one of the world’s best. Yes, it is indeed true. Patara Beach is also one of two places in Turkey, where the famous Caretta-Caretta turtles breed. So during the breeding season, large parts of the beach are protected and you are asked to pay extra attention at all other times. It is very windy on this beach as it is completely open, and the waves can be huge. But on the other hand, the water is not deep and the sand is just fine and bright.

exceptional beaches

Yes. This was a little about the most important and exceptional beaches west of Antalya. But there are many, many more to spot. Maybe I also come up with an article about the beaches east of Antalya… who knows … 😉