Kaleici AntalyaWhen we were planning last summer-vacation, we dreamt about ultra-scenic Adrasan. Fortunately – that dream came true. Although we neither got hired a boat or stayed in one of the beautiful places with Airbnb (which you can check out here), it was still a really nice trip.

Is Airbnb in Antalya safe?

But I cannot escape the idea of living with Airbnb or one of the other rental companies as such like ex. Wimdu. Although there for some will be some disadvantages, I can see far more advantages of living more or less private with Airbnb. We have tried it a few times – most recently in Paris for 1½ years ago, and it worked really well – beyond all expectations. The appartment was clean and tidy and no problems of any kind. Maybe we’ve just been lucky, but I know many, who have traveled and lived in this way, so I don’t think, it’s just beginner’s luck for us. We certainly have not yet experienced living in a place, where we did not want to be and where we could see, that there lived other people (I am thinking of hair, dirt and overcrowded rooms). Most companies also have a fairly extensive program with many requirements to the landlord. Ex. the payment for renting the appartment, will not be disposable for the landlord, until after you have left the apartment again. A kind of security, if something went wrong. I seem to remember, that you have a day or two to return to Airbnb, if there is anything you aren’t happy with. But you can easily find their rules on their webpage. I do not know the exact rules for other similar companies, but I think, they are very similar to each other?

Benefits if you stay private:

One of the many advantages of staying private is, that it is larger or smaller apartments or houses you live in. This means they usually have a location, where the larger hotels isn’t allowed example. at the beach shore, in the forests or in the middle center of the city. From my point of view, the absolute advantage is quite clear, that one can live and almost feel like a local, when you have your own key and don’t walk in a hotel lobby. You can shop at bazaars, experimenting with making local own food, decide for your own, when to get up, get food ect., instead of eg. having to abide by the hotel’s official meal times. You will probably find your own reasons why you’ll like it. My all-overriding reason no. 1 is simply, that I just really like not to feel like a tourist …antalya-tea

“Turkish” style and decor:

I was – for fun – looking at airbnb options right inside Kaleici. At this time of year and in the spring, this part of the town is particularly attractive, because there is just so cozy, it is close to all things and the temperatures are bearable. I did not have the highest expectations for the homes because – hmmm, how to say it nicely – the style and decor can often be very far from Western standards. Ex is a so-called “oriental toilet” (ie “a hole in the ground”) is not exactly what I dream about at my vacation, if I can be free. I also very much liked, that there isn’t wild, crazy colors on the walls etc. (yes I know, I’m a bit squeamish), and many Turks are very wild with gold, black and ping-ling colors all over. Beds, tables and sofas are also a must. So yes, I clearly have some criteria to choose from, and I was a little unsure about how much I could find.airbnb-turkish-style

But that was then put to shame !! Wow, there were several fine places. and not always in the high end price. In fact, the average price of Kaleici right down at 58 euro per. night, but ranging from about 27 eur for the cheapest to 242 for the most expensive. Several of the sites looked, as if it was private who had it, but without living there (ie as a pure rental apartment). It is also a trend, that I have experienced in several other major cities such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and finally in Rome, where we have just been. Several have apartments (on or more) for only rental purposing, and then there is a “manager”, who runs around with keys, cleans, etc. If it is perfectly legal, I will not be able to decide – many hotels is complaining over the competition, but it works and combines the best of two worlds, in my opinion. I truly believe, that those who want the least possible uncertainty, a little more luxury and comfort definitely choose hotel. Those who are more curious in the authentic life in different countries and may not yet have thrown away the backpacker, airbnb is definitely a good possibility.transitional-living-room

Places to stay in Kaleici:

In Kaleici there are a lot of small guesthouses, which I definitely recommend. Many are REALLY fine, small places, which is quite unique. But the apartments is equally nice.airbnb-3

Now just look here for 36 euros per. night – this is what I call cosy and with personality. Or the exclusive “Villa Mavi”, that is really outstanding (it costs 247 euro per night- but with room for 10 people, it suddenly becomes profitable). Ooh, I could really imagine Villa Mavi for a weekend-tour with my girl-friends ….

And then there’s this one which I am totally in love with (yes, yI am a sucker for design and old town houses ..)

If you now should have the courage to book your next stay through Airbnb, which I can only recommend, you may use the link below and copy the link to your google address bar. So you already get up to 39 euro in discount and it’s worth using ….