Dressing for kebab

I really don’t know, if it’s okay to post a recipe for this dressing … I mean, I only use few ingrediens and it is not great rocket science just to stir something together. So I’m not going to say it’s breaking news, this recipe. Yet …. this kebab dressing can do something. At least it’s different from the ones I usually make for everything else. And it’s not because this dressing can only be used for kebabs. You can also use it for lettuce, chicken and whatever else is right for you. Mmmmm… and falafel now I just think about it. It is wildly good for falafel actually 🤩

dressing til falafler

Then why is it, that this dressing is different and good anyway? Well… in my opinion, this dressing is very similar to the dressing you get from the kebab cousin (ie where you usually buy dürüm and pita bread with kebab on-the-go). So that’s why it got the princely name “dressing for kebab”, but it might as well have been “dressing for falafels” or just plain dressing.

“Isn’t it just like everyone else” you might be thinking now? Well, actually not.

How to make a good dressing for kebabs:

As I said, it requires quite few ingredients. A good, fat, Turkish yogurt, a little garlic, lemon, salt and pepper and some cumin and some mint. Stir it all together, taste and adjust (then I also has made it a little bit complicated). Voila – you have the dressing. Pretty easy right ?

dressing for kebab

After all, I promised you it wasn’t rocket science.

But this slightly salty and a little sour yogurt dressing with a hint of mint, cumin and garlic (yes, I only use a hint, because it’s not a garlic dressing – but feel free …). It’s actually not that bad. Not at all actually … And that’s why if I don’t think, it’s like so many other dressings. This one highlights the taste of Turkish food (or ethnic if you will). There are some of the same ingredients in – as in the food and just added a little slightly different.

And on a hot summer day, there is hardly anything, that can beat this dressing. Salt, sour and cooling. A bit like Turkish Ayran now that I think of it.

And then just a homemade flatbread, a little chicken kebab, lamb or falafel, a little salad, tomatoes and onions. And then this salty dressing for kebabs and falafel (and anything else). Yum 😋😋

Dressing for kebabs and falafels

A really good salt, sour and cooling dressing to pour over kebabs, falafels, lettuce or whatever you think …
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Ret: Dip, Dressing
Køkken: Mediterranian, Turkish
Keyword: dip, dressing, falafel, kebab, mint, yoghurt


  • ½ cup fat turkish yoghurt, 10% fat
  • 1 lemon
  • milk
  • ¼ tsp cumin
  • ½ garlic clove, grated
  • salt and pepper
  • ½ tsp dried mint, if you want it

Sådan gør du

  • 1: Pour yogurt into a bowl and adjust to the desired consistency with milk
    2: Put in the spices and a few drops of lemon juice
    3: Grate about ½ garlic clove and add in
    4: Mix together and put in the fridge until use
    Dressing for kebab


  • You can actually make several variations of this dressing. Put in mint as I suggest – it just tastes really good. Also maybe a little chili flakes / pul biber, so it gets a little more bite
  • Sometimes I also use sumak in to get an even more sour taste – it is also really good
  • And then use a good fat Turkish yogurt – the one with 10% fat in. The other with 2% simply becomes too sour for a dressing and completely lacks the creamy consistency.
dressing til falafler